Electronic tray PET Plastic-product


  • Product Name: Electronic tray PET Plastic
  • Category:
  • Manufacturer: Desu Technology
  • Process: Co-Extrusion Squeeze Out
  • Origin: Shanghai China
  • Width: 400 - 1400mm
  • Thickness: 0.18 - 2mm
  • Shape: Roll / Sheet
  • Weight: Up to 150kg/Roll
  • Color: Clear / Transparent / Black / White / Customize
  • Application: Thermoforming Packaging / Transport Tray / Electronic Packaging /Fresh Food Packaging

Electronic tray PET Plastic

Are you looking for Electronic tray PET Plastic? Maybe you already know what is and how to use and reprocessing Electronic tray PET Plastic, Now just want to find a Company, Manufacturer, Factory & supplier who produce and wholesale Electronic tray PET Plastic. Come here to Shanghai Desu Plastic Technology, We are one-stop designer, manufacturer wholesaler and exporter for it

Factory Directly wholesale Electronic tray PET Plastic
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We Provide A full range of PET Products in shape of sheet,roll etc.., Of course include this Electronic tray PET Plastic. There are so many company in China can export PET SHEET ROLL, but not all of them can produce it, You can contact us to Require the video profile of our PET product or our factory, you will see how our Electronic tray PET Plastic are manufactured, what kind of equipment do we use, what kind of composite standards we reach in the workshop. After that we believe we will be your choice for placing order.

  • nice mechanical properties
  • low temperature resistance
  • Non-toxic
  • Suitabe for gamma ray sterilization
  • Easy Secondary processing
  • Printable
  • High gloss
  • High Barrier
  • pollution-free
  • Recyclable

According to different parameters of PET Plastic Sheet Roll, we offer a price range from US $1.1 to US $ 2.1, it depends on our customers specific requirements. maybe this is not the lowest price you can get, but trust me, it is the best price for High quality/High standard Electronic tray PET Plastic. If you have any doubt about other details such as the fee of tax, customs clearance and shipping costs and service, Please do not hesitate to click to tell us your doubt, or you can just go to Contact Us page on pet-sheet.com to find a method (mail/phone) to get in touch with us.

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