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GAG Sheet

Brand: DESU

Origin: China

Thickness: 0.18~2.0mm

Width: 300~1400mm

Weight: 50~150kg

Shape: roll

Color: clear

Laminating: pe film

Density: 1.37g/m3


Capacity: 3000~5000 Tons

MOQ: 5 Tons

Product Features:

GAG sheet is a three-layer composite PET sheet. The middle layer is made of APET, and the upper and lower layers are made of PETG. The raw materials are co-extruded according to the appropriate ratio. It is especially suitable for packaging boxes that need to be bonded by high-frequency heat sealing and glue.

PET Sheet Advantages

  • Good transparency

    The transparency can reach more than 90%, and the texture is good, suitable for products that require high transparency.

    Good impact resistance

    The GAG sheet material is hard and durable, suitable for applications with high impact resistance;

    Good processability

    Processing methods such as sawing, die cutting, drilling and laser cutting can be used, as well as cold bending and hot bending, bonding, welding and polishing, printing and coating;

    Good thermoformability

    It can be molded without preheating, with high precision, with a shrinkage rate of about 0.5%, the finished product is not easy to break and the thickness is uniform;

    Environmental friendly

    Can be recycled and used without polluting the environment.

PET Sheet Application

GAG sheet is a very high-quality material, which can play a very important role in life after blister processing. Commonly used in packaging materials such as trays and blister boxes.

Product Specifications

Item: Rigid GAG Plastic Roll

Brand: DESU

Width: 300-1400mm

Thickness: 0.18-2.0mm

Weight: 50-150kg/roll

Shape: Roll/Sheet

Color: Transparent; Translucent; Black; White; Color.

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