International closed-cycle project establishes second plastic waste recycling facility in Ghana Since 2020, the Alliance to Eliminate Plastic Waste has partnered with the ASASE Foundation to provide technical expertise and financial support to expand operations more than 100-fold, from an initial capacity of 35 tons per year to 4,000 metric tons, with a further increase in its ability to have a clean-up impact on the environment The program collects plastic waste from community catchment areas, washes and processes it into high-density and low-density polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE) flakes and soft polyethylene pellets, which are then sold to recyclers. The recycled material is cleaned, disinfected and turned into plastic pellets such as PET Plastic Sheet Roll, HIPS/PP Plastic Sheet Roll, etc. Some of the pellets containing ingredients that have an impact on human beings are turned into various household items or used as building liners and garbage cans. “The work of the ASASE Foundation is helping Ghana increase recycling rates and create more value for plastic waste while keeping it out of the environment,” said Oliver Boachie, Special Advisor to the Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) of the Republic of Ghana, at the plant launch, which was attended by other officials representing the Temase Municipal Assembly. “This project is helping to generate solutions that will drive Ghana’s circular economy while also creating jobs for women and improving communities,” said Clemens Beckers, representative of the EU Delegation to Ghana. “The Alliance believes in funding solutions, circular business models for plastics, and partners that can generate economies of scale. Through our partnership with the ASASE Foundation, we are helping to expand operations and continue to support the diversion of plastic waste from the environment and unlocking its value through recycling.” said Nicholas Kolesch, Vice President of Alliance Programs.” We are proud to support the ASASE Foundation as they continue to go from strength to strength under the guidance of a strong team with a strong vision for the environment and the community.” “The ASASE Foundation was established to demonstrate a scalable solution to the problem of plastic waste in Ghana, drawing from my experience in Europe. Empowering women from disadvantaged areas to play a key role is a natural choice, especially in an emerging economy like Ghana,” said Dana Mosora, co-founder and managing director of the ASASE Foundation.” It is through the support of organizations like the European Union and the Alliance to End Plastic Waste that we are able to expand our impact on communities and help change the lives of the people we serve.” Translated with (free version)