PETまたはPETE(ポリエチレンテレフタレート)は、ポリエステルと呼ばれることもあります。PETは、強度、靭性、寸法安定性、透明性、耐摩耗性に優れています。PETはリサイクルが容易で、食品・飲料業界で広く使用されているため、急速に選ばれる素材になっています。ジオはパートナーの環境保護への取り組みを支援し、カスタム熱成形の用途向けに最大100%の消費者使用後のリサイクル可能な含有量を持つrPETを提供しています。PETは、#1リサイクルシンボルで識別できます。 PETG (polyethylene terephthalate) has similar properties to PET and is known for its toughness, transparency, versatility and ease of use. The glycol-modified form of PET gives the material better impact resistance and is commonly used in medical applications that require EtO and gamma sterilization. PETG can be used as an alternative to PVC when RF sealing is required. PETG is also identified by the #1 recycling symbol. We would be happy to help guide you through this decision process. Let’s discuss your project together and determine the right solution for your package. To that end, you are more than welcome to contact us to discuss your packaging project, or you can visit our company, factory, view our lines and production processes, and trust that our capabilities will make us the only choice for you!