Manufacturer & Exporter - Desu Plastic Technology (Shanghai) professionally supplies all kinds of Rigid PET Sheet,PET Plastic are usually divided into APET, PETG, GAG and RPET. PET Plastic Sheet are mainly used for thermoforming, vacuum forming & blister packaging. for product quality, our PET products have passed a variety of international certifications and obtained relevant certificates like ISO, RoHS, SGS,FDA and GRS. Desu Tech's PET Sheet are exported to 40+ countries Distribute in America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia etc.

Coated PET Sheet Roll Introduction

Coating or lamination, it is necessary to add a layer of special materials to the PP/PS/PET itself. Coating is usually to obtain some special functions for the PP/PS/PET sheet, such as conductivity, antistatic, etc., and lamination is usually to protect the PP/PS/PET material itself, both require secondary processsing of the sheet itself

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Coated PET Sheet Roll - 1
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Coated PET Sheet Roll applications - 1
Coated PET Sheet Roll applications - 2

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