International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition at Shanghai National Exhibition

2024-04-28 15:17:51
International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition at Shanghai National Exhibition

April 23 to 26, the "International Rubber & Plastics Exhibition" at Shanghai National Exhibition Center returns after 6 years.

On March 28, the "CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition" held in Shanghai announced that the industry's annual event "CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition" will return to Shanghai from April 23 to 26 after an absence of 6 years. The exhibition lasts for four days, with daily opening hours from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. This exhibition will bring together many well-known companies in the industry, including leading exhibitors such as BASF, DuPont, and Covestro, to showcase innovative rubber and plastic technology solutions.

Liang Yaqi, general manager of Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., the organizer of the exhibition, said: "The scale of this year's exhibition has reached a new high. The number of exhibitors has historically climbed to 4,420, an increase of 12% compared to the 2018 Shanghai Exhibition. Covering an area of 380,000 square meters, the exhibition highlights the industry's strong demand for technological innovation, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, energy conservation and carbon reduction. The exhibition closely follows 'circular economy', 'innovative materials', 'digital and intelligent manufacturing' and 'high-end technology made in China'. ', focusing on the "hot and hot" top intelligent achievements of rubber and plastics technology, becoming a vivid display of the upgrading and new productivity of the rubber and plastics industry, and accumulating efforts to accelerate the development of upstream and downstream collaborative innovation. "

During the exhibition, leading enterprises will be at the forefront, small and medium-sized enterprises will strive to be the first, and specialties and innovations will emerge one after another. The "Global Rubber and Plastics Industry Development Trends and Technology Summit Forum" will be held at the same time as the exhibition, focusing on new energy vehicles, photovoltaics, wind power, lithium batteries, hydrogen energy, energy storage, packaging, electronic and electrical and other emerging industries, with participants from China, Germany, Italy, the United States, Representatives from authoritative rubber and plastics industry associations and industry leaders from India, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil and other countries will share the development trends, opportunities and challenges of global key markets and emerging markets, and work together to promote the upgrading and sustainable development of the rubber and plastics industry.
Currently, visitors from more than 120 countries and regions have completed pre-registration. Among them, the pre-registration volume of overseas buyers accounts for about 25%, a surge of more than 175% compared with the same period last year (as of March 24), which is also the highest in the same period in previous years, and shows a trend of continuous growth. The exhibition will welcome more than 360 visiting groups, of which more than 70 are overseas visiting groups. It is predicted that this year's exhibition will have 270,000 visitors at home and abroad.

"'CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition' has continued to grow and mature with the vigorous development of China's rubber and plastics industry. It has promoted and witnessed the growth process of China's rubber and plastics industry's continuous integration and innovative development with the world's rubber and plastics industry." Vice Chairman of Shanghai Plastics Industry Association Chairman and Secretary-General Chen Guokang said, “At every exhibition, we can see new highlights in the rubber and plastics industry that lead the world trend. It is expected that this exhibition will once again present an eagerly awaited event to the industry. Rubber and plastics industry event.”

Senior analysts in the energy, chemical, rubber and plastics industries will focus on multiple key perspectives of the industry at the exhibition, and conduct in-depth communication with visitors through one-on-one on-site communication to meet personalized issues and business needs. The Energy, Chemical and Rubber and Plastics Division has long adhered to the principle of "neutrality, professionalism and focus", deeply engaged in energy, chemicals, plastics, rubber and other subdivisions, and continued to explore and study the bulk commodity industry under the guidance of the CAS analysis system and SPAS valuation system. evolution rules. The team includes more than a hundred outstanding industry analysts, constantly promoting the transparency of the commodity market and promoting the fairness and efficiency of market transactions. During the exhibition, the Energy and Chemicals and Rubber and Plastics Divisions will carry out in-depth cooperation with governments at all levels, including the National Bureau of Statistics and the National Development and Reform Commission, in relevant fields to provide data and personalized customized services to commodity exchanges and financial institutions. In addition, media at national, provincial and municipal levels will form fixed cooperation with the business unit to serve the public with industry research results through data provision, report release, etc.


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