Desu's Brief Introduction

Desu Plastic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd focuses on R&D, production and selling APET Sheet/Roll, PET Sheet/Roll, PET/PE Laminated Sheet Roll, PET ESD conductive sheet Roll, Coated PET sheet roll, PETG plastic sheet roll, black PET sheet roll, GAG plastic sheet roll etc. All of our quality managements are complied with ISO9001-2008 Quality Assurance Certificate, GRS Scope Certificate, and SGS Quality Assurance Certificate. Our company has set up and maintained long-term cooperation relationships with customers all over the world. We sincerely welcome customers and friends, who have interest in further collaboration, to come visit us and explore a brilliant future together.

PET Sheet Roll product most advanced equipment in industry

In addition to having advanced production equipment, we also have our own production technology and process
By adding different materials for mixing, to achieve different characteristics of the product, Advanced coating technology, so that we always have competitive advantage in antistatic PET Sheet Roll, conductive PET Sheet Roll and EVOH PET Sheet Roll

Full Step inspection

3 times inspetion, 100% inspection

  • In order to keep the quality stable from sample to Bulk, We choose 100% inspection in every Production process
  • Besides 100% ratio test, We choose to do three tests in the three important stages of production to ensure that all the semi-finished products in the production stages meet the requirements of users

Protective Packaging for Shipping

  • Step 1: Two Flow PE protect film
  • Step 2: On the Outside PE film,will wrapped with aluminum foil which have great function on heat proof, water proof and scratch proof.
  • Step 3:Each layer of the material roll will be separated by cardboard to prevent collision.
  • Step 4:The shipping mark indicates product specifications and the QR code which can tracking the source of the product producing information. to ensure the quality of each batch goods.
  • Step 5: The outer layer is wrapped with cardboard and wrapped with film to prevent the outer packing from scratched and collision
  • Step 6: Top of each pallet will be covered with paperboard and the bottom is non fumigation wooded tray

Our delivery methods include sea, air, railway and international express. Before the product is transferred, we will fix the packaged product in the container to ensure that it is waterproof, fireproof, and squeezed to ensure that it is safely delivered to the customer

Fully Qualified Enterprise

Desu Tech is the latest batch of high-tech enterprises in China, in the production technology, inventory management, product research and development is far ahead of the whole industry, if you are interested in APET/GAG/RPET/PETG PET Sheet Roll, Desu Tech will be your most correct choice

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