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pet-sheet.com(Desu Tech Co.,Ltd) is a factory-qualified company registered in China. We have factories and offices in four locations in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and interested customers are welcome to visit, tour and inspect our factories.

Main Product

Desu Technology Focus On Produce and Export APET/GAG/PETG/PET Sheet Roll Series Product For 10+ Years, Not only the normal PET product, There are alos functional PET Style like Theromforming PET/Vacuum forming PET/Conductive PET/Antistatic PET/EVOH PET, Our Main Products Includes But Not Limited To:

Applications of Our PET Plastic

Our company products of PP plastic sheet roll, hips plastic roll, pet coating film, polypropylene sheet roll are mainly applied for thermoformed packaging of the industries of electronics, food, cosmetics, medical, hardware & tool, printing etc.
Electronic Product Packaging Or Tray

Electronic Product Packaging Or Tray
Through coating technology, the surface has anti-static properties, and then through the blister thermoforming process into a special packaging or pallet for electronic products

Fresh Food Packaging

Fresh Food Packaging
PET has extremely high environmental performance, the entire life cycle of the product does not produce any harmful substances, so it can be used as a packaging directly in contact with food, and can also enhance the water resistance and oxygen resistance of the product by laminating, thereby extending the shelf life of food

Medical supplies packaging

Medical supplies packaging
PET material is highly permeable and non-toxic, can be recycled, and the decomposition process does not produce any toxic substances, and higher quality PET can be used as plastic packaging for medical devices and some medical supplies

Consumer Goods(Toys) Packaging

Consumer Goods(Toys) Packaging
PET products have high transparency, as a consumer goods, especially toys, packaging, can not only enhance the beauty of the product, but also play a role in protecting the product

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